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Children's Department

After School Program (Grades K-6)

Photo of four JCC After School Program girls on the playground jungle gym.

The After School Program at the Jewish Community Center of Syracuse is a combination of educational and recreational programming. Our basic programming goal in is to provide structured activities that are non-lecturing, hands-on and experiential. Other times are left to be organized largely by the children in order to give them time to simply play and socialize under the supervision of trained staff members.

Everyone is welcome! JCC membership is not required to enroll your child. Discount for JCC members.

The After School and Vacation Camp Programs at the Jewish Community Center have been developed with great variety in order to provide a broad base of educational and recreational components to the children. Programming areas include: homework help, traditional and alternative sports, group games and team building, outdoor leadership and environmental awareness, culture, health and wellness, passive gaming and computers, arts and crafts, drama, games, and clubs.

The After School Program will emphasize the promotion of individuality along with community, self-confidence and the understanding of others' needs—the notion that learning can be fun. The program's success will be achieved by empowering the participants to work together toward common goals. We believe that empowering children with healthy choices will help create responsible and empowered adults who know how to make educated decisions throughout their lives.

The Homework Room is a highlight of our program. Parents need not worry about homework after dinner. Children in the After School Program can get extra help with spelling, math, reading, and more while they are in the program. Upon parent’s request, children will report to the homework room when they arrive at the program. When your child is done, they have many other activities to choose from. In addition, children can go to the homework room for some quiet reading time or educational games.

Additional components of the program include themed days and holiday programming. Each week will feature a different theme, encouraging participation in all areas from trivia to special crafts, show and tell and talent expositions, and gaming contests. Holidays are a special time for everyone, and traditions are shared. Occasionally, we will create our own holiday to celebrate (National Crown Day, anyone?). There is always something fun and exciting to celebrate during the After School Program.

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2019-2020 School Year After School Registration Form (PDF 888 KB)