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Karate, soccer, tennis and mini sports are just a sampling of some of the programs offered at the JCC through the Health, Physical Education & Recreation Department.

The JCC School of Dance

Ballet, Tap, and Jazz form the curriculum of the JCC Dance Program. Girls and boys are invited to participate in this program and gain flexibility, strength, and coordination while having lots of fun. Dance classes are held in the dance aerobic studio, with mirrors, dance bars, and wood flooring. The program includes a recital in June with additional fees for costumes.

The JCC Gymnastics School

The JCC gymnastics school offers a comprehensive regimen of gymnastics instruction. Students develop agility, flexibility, and self-confidence. Classes are taught by Sherri Lamanna. Placement is based on skill, not age.

We take the child who may not be the next Mary Lou Retton, but we make them feel like star.

Information on winter 2014-15 classes







Photo of a group of kids sitting on the floor during a class.Pboto of two girls during a dance class.Photo of a young girl receiving instruction during a gymnastics class.