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Neighborhood Advisor

FREE and CONFIDENTIAL Help in Any Area
to Adults 60 Years or Older

Offers FREE & CONFIDENTIAL SERVICES –in any area to adults 60 years or older or to their friends or relatives to help this individual or couple. The person does not need to be Jewish or a member of the JCC to receive this assistance. This help can be done by mail, the phone, in person or a combination of them. She can research your concerns or problems, obtain and complete applications or other forms, stretch your household income with programs, or locate needed services. Examples: health care, transportation, socialization, health aides, legal advice, housing, nutrition & exercise, medicare savings program Food Stamps, Medicare or Medicaid questions and forms, telephone numbers and the list goes on and on.
The Neighborhood Advisor has been trained each month for the last 18 years to know all about all agencies in the county, state and federal government to assist you. Her knowledge covers from A to Z in all kinds of assistance. She represents Onondaga County Dept. of Aging & Youth here at the JCC. This program is funded by the Onondaga County Dept. of Aging & Youth, the New York State Office
for the Aging and the Jewish Community Center of Syracuse.

Linda Stone 445-2040 ext. 128