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7 fun menorahs to personalize your Hanukkah

Photo of the Emoji Menorah.

There’s something about Hanukkah that turns everyone into kids. The chocolate gelt candies, playing dreidel with your family, feasts that include golden, deep-fried latkes and scrumptious jelly donuts—Hanukkah is eight days of festive goodness.

But the festival of lights can never be celebrated without the lights themselves. Lighting a menorah is an integral part of the celebrations. The story of Hanukkah is about one of the many miracles that accompanied the victory of Israel from Hellenic dominance. It is believed that when the Hasmonean family overpowered the Greeks, they searched and found only a single cruse of pure oil which was enough only to light the menorah for one day.

But a miracle occurred and they lit the menorah for eight days with this oil.

Today, this miracle is commemorated by a symbolic menorah lighting which every temple and Jewish family practices through the eight days of the holiday. However, while temples stick to the traditional-looking menorahs, families and young people sometimes get creative.

If you’re looking to light a fun, non-traditional menorah this year, look no further. Here is a list of some wacky, fun menorahs you can buy this season.

  1. Disney Fireplace Menorah
    Photo of the Disney Fireplace Menorah.While kids love the holiday, it can be tough to get them to appreciate traditions. Of course, you can try to simplify the story of Hanukkah for them, but there is often little you can do to make it fun. This Disney Fireplace menorah is a possible answer to that situation. Your toddler meets Mickey Mouse and friends every day on the TV. Imagine his or her joy at seeing their best friends on this family holiday!
  2. Motorcycle Menorah
    Photo of the Motorcycle Menorah.Do you love the thrill of the wind whipping across your face as you ride your way to an adrenaline overload? (Bike safe, though! Not everyone is a daredevil.) Do you spend hours tinkering with your bike, often forgetting about unimportant things like homework, supper, and bedtime? Do you spend half of your paycheck on buying fancy, totally unnecessary bike parts? If your answer to these questions is yes, then this tough-looking motorcycle menorah is for you.
  3. Menorasaurus Rex
    Photo of the Menorasaurus Rex Menorah.Before we tell you more about this one, make sure you don't watch The Good Dinosaur with your kids before or during Hanukkah. That is, if you like your menorahs simple and traditional. If not, then go ahead and binge on Dinosaur movies because this fun menorah is an absolute must-have for the Dino enthusiast in you.
  4. Doggie Menorah
    Photo of the Doggie Menorah.This is an aww-inspiring one. You can't not have it. And if you have a pet pooch, this menorah is a wonderful way of including him in the celebrations. After all, Hanukkah is for everyone, even our four-legged furry friends. Your kids will love it too. Besides, can anyone say no to those puppy-dog eyes? Nope, we didn't think so.
  5. Tangram Menorah
    Photo of the Tangram Menorah.It is no secret that geek freakout over geeky gifts is one of the funniest things to witness. All of us have that one adorably odd friend who would rather tessellate triangles than binge watch Chris Pine movies with a giant bowl of buttered popcorn. This menorah is for that friend. They will love you for it and who knows, maybe this will also convince them to join you for a movie marathon—simply because they kinda love you too much now?
  6. Emoji Menorah
    Photo of the Emoji Menorah.If there was a texting speed competition and you know you would win it, we know your big secret. Emojis. Those yellow, round icons that convey even those emotions that you have no way to define. In your world, where the English language ends, emoji begins. And that is why, you need this menorah. Hanukkah brings out a lot of feeling and fervor in us. If you are someone who can communicate such complexities only through emojis, this may be the menorah you've been looking for.
  7. Dreidel Menorah
    Photo of the Dreidel Menorah.Hanukkah is never complete without dreidels, even if you're an awful player. This set combines the best of the Holiday season in one menorah which folds compactly into a beautiful, multicolored dreidel. And if you're messy, cluttered, have more stuff than you can fit neatly into your house, consider getting this. After all, life is all about compressing things to squeeze a little more joy in.