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Early Childhood Development Program (ECDP)

3 Year Old Level

• Must be age 3 by 12/1/16

With kindergarten just two years away, this is an important time for every child to learn that the world is bigger than imagined. Children learn new skills and concepts through our thematic, hands-on approach to learning. Daily activities are carefully planned to promote children's social, emotional and cognitive development. Our teachers are trained to recognize differences in rates of development within this age group, and individualize instruction to meet every child's needs. Materials and activities are appropriately tailored in an effort to challenge children's abilities while building their self-confidence.

Throughout the year, children will discover the wonder of the world they live in. All of our three-year olds are actively engaged in group discussions, long-term studies, sensory play, cooking, process art and more. Our three-year olds are reading stories, singing songs and playing their way through the day. We also tailor gym time with our specialized gym instructor to the needs of our three-year-olds. We play outside every day, weather permitting, on our beautiful fenced-in playgrounds. In addition to our music curriculum, we bring in Toddler Tango once a week.

With all of these wonderful activities happening in our three-year old classrooms, the Early Childhood Development Program provides a well rounded and positive learning experience for your child.