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Neulander Family Sports & Fitness Center

For members only: JCC fitness center kicks off "workout challenge"

Closeup photo of a man exercising on cardio equipment.

The JCC’s Neulander Family Sports & Fitness Center has launched a Fall into Fitness Challenge for its members. Every time a member works out, he or she will be helping the JCC to get a new cardio exercise machine at no cost. Plus, more frequent workouts also mean that members will be helping themselves to stay in shape! The non-competitive program will run through January 1, 2016, and is completely voluntary. There is no cost for the JCC’s fitness members to enter and participate.

“We’re very pleased to offer another fitness contest for our members because it’s a great way for everyone to rally around a common goal,” said Joe Yager, JCC sports & fitness director. “We haven’t held one of these challenges in awhile so everyone is pumped that we’re bringing it back. Plus, we’ve got some neat prizes to giveaway as a way of saying ‘thank you’ for helping to upgrade our equipment.”

It’s simple to join the JCC’s Fall into Fitness Challenge. It only takes a minute for Fitness center members to register at the Fitness desk and get a scorecard. Participants get 2 points per workout completed or fitness class attended, and they are asked to track their progress on their scorecards every visit. The goal is for all participants combined to reach 4,000 points. Once this goal is achieved, the cost of the JCC’s new cardio machine will be generously covered by the Pomeranz, Shankman and Martin Charitable Foundation. 

Two levels of prizes will be offered during the challenge. The first 25 participants to reach 30 points will receive a free JCC reusable water bottle. Every participant who racks up 50 points will receive a free JCC T-shirt.

“We really appreciate the Pomeranz, Shankman and Martin Charitable Foundation’s wonderful support of our fitness challenge again and for helping to keep our facility’s equipment current and on the cutting edge,” said Yager.

For more information about the JCC’s Fall into Fitness Challenge, stop by the Fitness desk or call 315-234-4522.