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Neulander Family Sports & Fitness Center

JCC Shape-Up programs
Choose a workout, get the results you want

Photo of a young woman sitting on the floor and stretching.

Want to kick your workouts into high gear? Or how about focus on a certain body area like your belly or legs? Then look to a JCC Shape-Up fitness program to help you get the results you want, where you want them. Choose from 14, 21 and 30 day workout programs designed to target specific body areas.

Once you get started (you choose your own start date), you'll get daily email check-ins, nutrition advice and one-on-one training.

Choose from the following Shape-Up programs:

  • 14 Day AB Assault – $50
  • 14 Day Event Planner – $50
  • 21 Day Spring Slimdown – $75
  • 21 Days to Lean Legs – $75
  • 21 Day Arm Blaster – $75
  • 30 Day Total Body Makeover – $100

Ready to get started? Choose one of the above programs and pick your start date. It's that simple. Contact Patrick Scott, sports & fitness director, at 315-234-4522 or