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JCC offers TRX for Golf class

The JCC Neulander Family Sports & Fitness Center's TRX for Golf class will move from Sundays at 11:30 a.m. to Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. effective June 9, 2016. The final Sunday class will meet on June 5. The weekly group exercise class features TRX (total body resistance exercise) training specifically designed to help golfers with their game.

Photo of man in mid swing about to drive a golf ball.JCC Fitness membership and preregistration for the class is not required. The cost to attend each class session is $15 for JCC Fitness members and $25 for non-members. A discount is available when purchasing a block of four classes, get the fifth class for free. One-on-one TRX for Golf training and small group training for foursomes and larger groups can also be scheduled on specific days and times.

The classes are geared toward strengthening your core and swing speed as well as providing a total body workout for strength and flexibility.

In golf, the most important—and often overlooked—piece of equipment is your body. Today, more and more pro and amateur golfers are turning to TRX to ensure that their bodies are one tool that won’t crack under pressure.

Golf depends on rotation to deliver power from the ground, through the core and to the ball. TRX’s resistance bands enhance the power of gravity and your own bodyweight to create an effective workout tailored for golfers of all ages and abilities. TRX for Golf training helps build stability in the lower spine while working to optimize mobility and power in the hips and upper spine, making the golfer’s swing unyielding and smooth.

For more information about the TRX for Golf class or individualized and group instruction, contact the JCC’s Sports & Fitness Center at 315-234-4522.