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Neulander Family Sports & Fitness Center

Group Exercise Classes

Our group exercise schedule is available in the Fitness Center Lobby. We offer numerous classes that fulfill fitness needs for people of all ages. Check often for updates!

Basic (Free) vs Mind Body Classes (Fee Based)
Our group exercise classes fall into two categories: basic and Mind Body. Mind Body classes are denoted with an asterisk on the group exercise schedule. All other classes are considered basic.

Basic Classes: are free for full-fitness members and have a fee associated with them for non-fitness members and /or non-members.

Mind Body Classes: are fee based. They are more specialized and require an additional level of certification for our instructors who teach classes focusing on the Mind and Body experience.

Winter Group Exercise Class Schedule

Ball Blast Course
Level: Basic
This exciting muscle conditioning class sculpts your body with stability, bosu, and medicine balls. There is some use of light to moderate weights as well. Great for balance! All levels welcome.

Belly Dancing
Course Level: Mind/Body
Try out one of the newest fitness rages here at the JCC! Belly dancing is a great exercise to strengthen your shoulders, back and abdominal region.

Body Blitz
Course Level: Basic
An exciting muscle conditioning class performed to motivating music! Have fun while you sculpt your muscles with light to moderate weights and high repetitions. Come early to set up your STEP as a bench and gather your various props, including free weights, tubing and physio balls. Get results fast!

Boot Camp
Course Level: Basic
A high energy calorie blasting work out combining stability and cardiovascular conditioning. The first 45 minutes will focus on core and full body conditioning with the use of stability, medicine and bosu balls. The second 45 minutes will include step plus a few surprises! Don't miss out.

Cardio Training
Course Level: Basic
Get all the cardio and conditioning you need in one class. Powerful cardio segments followed by high intensity conditioning intervals challenge your cardiovascular and muscular strength. It is the best of both workouts in one class.

Course Level: Basic
A new fitness craze designed for teens and pre-teens. Mats are used with brightly textured numerical and directional symbols. Geomats allows kids to get fit in a safe, effective and fun environment. Kids also experience personal success and peer participation. Exercise helps kids avoid feeling of failure and poor self-esteem.

Muscle Sculpting Course Level: Basic
Instructors will use barbells, free weights, bands, and balls to create the ultimate total body shaping class. All levels are welcome.

NIA (Neuromuscular Integrative Action)
Course Level: Mind/Body
You asked for it, so we got it! We welcome this exciting new addition to the group fitness schedule. NIA is a blend of concepts, cultures, theories, and movement from the east and west. It is a barefoot technique offering a fusion of movement styles. Experience the expressiveness of dance,
the power of martial arts and the wisdom of the healing arts. All fitness levels welcome.

Pilates, All Levels
Course Level: Mind/Body
Once you feel comfortable in Essential Pilates challenge yourself in a faster paced course that incorporates the Pilates circle and bands. We will also use large therapy balls to tone abdominals, upper body, hips and thighs while improving coordination and balance.

Sports Drills
Course Level: Basic
This is an intermediate to advanced cardio workout using moderate to intense floor and step aerobics, and kickboxing drills. A fun and stimulating fat-burning class.

Course Level: Basic
A solid 50-minutes of step aerobics with some low impact aerobics mixed in. Easy to follow patterns and continuous movement for a great cardio workout. All fitness levels are welcome.

Tap With Barry
Course Level: Mind/Body
Back by popular demand, Barry Shulman will again be leading tap class at the J! All classes are designed for adults and children over the age of 12. Classes will be run on the New York City System.

Course Level: Basic
The JCC is the premier sports club in the area to offer this cutting-edge cycling program. Designed by an Olympic mountain biking coach, the X-Bike uniquely and safely delivers a full-body workout to group cycling enthusiasts by bringing the mountain biking experience indoors. Unlike other traditional cycling classes which just work the legs, this class works the whole body. All fitness levels are welcome.

Course Level: Mind/Body
A hybrid style of yoga that brings physical benefits by integrating body and mind performance. This class draws from Vinyasa, Lyengar and Viniyoga. Bring towel, water, and we recommend you bring your own Yoga mat. All fitness levels welcome.

Course Level: Basic
A fusion of Latin and international music creates an effective low impact workout to get your blood pumping. A variety of fast and slow rhythms help tone and sculpt the body, while you learn easy to follow dance steps. Great cardiovascular workout. Good for all ages.


Senior Classes
Designed for the mature adult, these classes are low impact and focus primarily on cardiovascular fitness for overall health
and well being.

Senior Classes: Occasionally, we receive grants from the Onondaga Department of Aging and Youth which has made Wednesday and Friday classes free for seniors. When these grants run out, there will be a fee for non fitness members to attend these classes. Please check with the fitness center front desk for times.

Neurological Movement Therapy
The JCC's certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist developed this 60-minute program to help enhance the quality of life for individuals coping with the aftereffects of neurological disorders including strokes, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Muscular Dystrophy. Participants work with the instructor to execute various strength, balance and resistance exercises.

Senior Fit
The Onondaga Department of Aging and Youth offers this class. It provides a low impact workout that will help improve participant's strength and balance. The course is open to all senior citizens in the community.

Senior Fit
Course Level: Basic
This class is designed to get senior adults moving. Set to big band and oldies music, participants will dance and execute chair exercises that are less strenuous on the body.

Senior Fit
Course Level: Basic
This class focuses on daily living skills for seniors including developing functional strength, balance and flexibility. These skills provide for a more rewarding lifestyle.