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Neulander Family Sports & Fitness Center

Rock Climbing

The JCC's indoor rock wall measures 20 feet wide by 19 feet high, creating a 358 square foot wall that contains five different routes, a bouldering section and 186 different rock shapes. A mostly individual sport, rock climbing is highly technical and challenging activity that requires unique strength, endurance, flexibility and mental focus.

Indoor Rock Wall - Open Climb

Climbing 101
Climbing 101 is designed for climbers aged 6-13 with little or no rock climbing experience. Climbers will learn the fundamentals of the rock wall and equipment safety, as well as climbing and belay techniques. Participants will earn their Climbing Basic Certification with the completion of this course.

Climbing 201
Climbing 201 is designed for experienced climbers who have received their Basic Climbing Certification. Participants will learn and refine hand and foot techniques, balance and movement skills, and personal climbing dexterity. Take your climbing performance to the next level!

Safety Belay Certification
This one hour mandatory session is designed for veteran climbers to become familiar with the JCC’s rock wall, equipment and procedure. Climbers who have completed the Climbing Basic Certification class do not need to complete this course. Call the Fitness Desk to set up a one-on-one appointment
to become certified!
Cost: Full Fitness Members $20
Non-Fitness Members $35

After School Lock Ins: The JCC's After School Rock Climbing Lock-Ins are designed to let climbers enjoy the wall through various rock climbing games and challenges. Once climbing begins, the doors are locked and no climbers may leave or enter the room as they participate in an intense workout. Climbers will encounter different climbing routes, individual contests, and team competitions. Registration forms are available at the Fitness Center front desk.